August 22, 2017  





Our HR and benefits platform is an easy-to-use, on-demand benefits management system that automates critical functions including online open enrollment, life event changes, new hire enrollment, carrier billing reconciliation, eligibility calculations and more.

Online Enrollment
Reduce paperwork and increase data accuracy by allowing employees to make benefit selections online. Employees only see eligible plans while being able to view the company contributions and paycheck deductions. Employees can also compare plan information, view plan documents, provider directories, designate beneficiaries and providers, and more.

Carrier Connection
Our carrier connection feature outputs eligibility information in the government regulated ANSI 834 format, then electronically transfers the data to insurance providers. When linked dynamically with our vendor's employee self-service module, the carrier connection feature virtually eliminates data errors and offers a truly paperless open enrollment environment.

COBRA Tracking
Automatically determine COBRA eligibility, track COBRA elections and payments, send qualifying event, confirmation and COBRA ending notices, and late payment reminders.

Benefits Reporting
Run carrier billing reconciliation reports, benefits statements, census eligibility reports and more. Point-in-time reporting allows you to capture historical or future dated information with ease.

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