August 22, 2017  





You can be a technology sales person, or you can really make a difference. For those brokers who want to engage the employer and employees in a more advanced way by providing services around the technology, HRT has negotiated relationships with a broad range of vendors who enable you to play a much bigger role.

Technology doesn’t run itself, and employers need help. Not all vendors have a model that enables you to play a more advanced role, and those that do often require upfront and monthly minimum fees to access their software or get preferential pricing or services.

HRT has negotiated with a broad range of vendors so that our broker partners can access more solutions at a lower cost. We pay the upfront fees, and our broker partners’ collective businesses help meet the vendors’ minimum requirements so that you save. While most brokers negotiate with one vendor because of costs and minimum requirements, our broker partners have a broader range of solutions for less money by being part of a larger group.

Technologies You Can Offer and Co-Source

» Benefits Administration and Enrollment
» HRIS and Benefits
» HRIS, Benefits and Payroll / Collaborative HR

Services You Can Offer Around Co-Sourced Solutions

» Technology Implementation
» System Training
» Ongoing System Support

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