March 22, 2018  





As an independent, objective resource on benefits and HR technology, HRT helps brokers and their clients define their needs and find the right solution. Our partners depend on us as strategic business partners, marketplace innovators, proactive experts, and reliable service providers.

Here's what just a few of our customers had to say about HRT.

"...this experience has been a big eye opener for me and I am very excited about partnering with your firm. I believe you guys will give me the ability to compete on a level playing field with the bigger brokers here in Houston regarding the services and support the small employer is coming to expect from a broker in our space."
            -HRT Benefits Broker Partner

"My experience with HR Technology Advisors has been incredible. I have found that for our many key accounts that are still using paper as their primary enrollment function, this has made their lives so much easier. I have yet to find a group that does not see the value in your products and services, and the feedback has been incredible from the ones that have used it so far! I am personally most impressed with the level of professionalism that your HRT staff exhibits via phone, email, etc. Your team of technology “experts” are truly the best. I love the unbiased consulting approach that you take, and the proposals are awesome. Clients love the side-by-side comparisons, as well as the background and company history portion that explains in detail how each vendor has grown and succeeded in the past."
            -Texas Benefits Broker Partner

"HRT is so great to work with. You have been such a great help and so fast and efficient with any help or changes I need made. It is a pleasure working with HRT and offering these sites to our clients because they [our clients] are so impressed with the information we can provide to them in such a professional-looking site that they can in-turn offer to their employees. It makes our lives allot easier when we can make our clients happy and it's so easy to do! I want to thank you again for being so quick to respond all the time and helping out as much as you do."
            -HRT Benefits Broker Partner

"I love the site. It makes onboarding a much smoother process." 
            -Jen, Director of Human Resources from a staffing company

"I can see this website will go a long way for us. It’s a great resource for providing employees with a centralized location of all our benefit and company information."
            -Lori, Director of Human Resources for a preschool company

"The website gives our company a look and feel of a larger organization. We can build this site to more than just benefit information, we can store commonly used forms for our mortgage brokers."
            -Paul, VP of Operations for a growing mortgage lender

"This website is perfect for our multiple locations. I’ve started using this website to promote our company culture. I was having a difficult time doing this just by email blasts." 
            -Katherine, HR for technology company

"I am sure that it is no surprise to you that both of these gentlemen were great representatives for your company. In this day and age where customer service is a not what it should be these two held it to a very high level. They were always 'available', always supportive and always reliable. Thanks again for the update and thanks for providing us such great support these past couple of years."
            -Application Manager & Training Coordinator, CRM Client
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