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Technology is the future of benefits, but it’s not what will make or break your business
By Kyle Hodges, President, The Broker's Broker
Published on Employee Benefit Advisor - April 17, 2015

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HR Technology Advisors Releases Results of 2014 Small to Mid-Market HR, Benefits, Payroll Technology Survey

HR Technology Advisors Releases Results of 2014 Small to Mid-Market HR, Benefits, Payroll Technology Survey

Survey shows employers looking to simplify by moving towards single database, web, and mobile.

Author: HR Technology Advisors/Sunday, October 19, 2014/Categories: Benefits, Human Resources, Technology, HRIS, Compliance, Health Care Reform

HR Technology Advisors (HRT), a leading HR and benefits technology consulting firm, announces the release of the 2014 HR, Benefits and Payroll Technology Survey. The survey was conducted in partnership with employee benefits brokers throughout the United States and targeted the small to mid-sized business market. The survey was designed to help employers in the SMB market gain an understanding of what solutions employers are using today, satisfaction levels with their vendors, and plans for the next 12 months. It also includes a look into how employers are expanding employee self-service by using the web, mobile, and social engagement tools. Over 700 employers participated in the survey.

“Most surveys we have seen have targeted the larger employer market with little information available for small to mid-sized businesses,” says Joe Markland, HRT’s President. “With the rapid expansion of cloud-based and mobile technologies in this market segment, we were looking to better understand the adoption rates while providing employers with information as to what others were doing, who the leading vendors are, and how satisfied employers are with the solutions they have.”

The survey has validated an increasing trend in this market segment toward a single platform to manage their HR, benefits, and payroll. While less than 15% of the market have a single platform today, close to 50% are looking to move to a single platform within the next 12 months. Additionally, more than half of employers surveyed have expanded self-service to the web and mobile. Viewing payroll and HR information topped the list of things employees can view. Requesting time-off via the web or mobile was the number one transaction, according to the survey.

HRT concurrently surveyed the technology vendors as to their capabilities in supporting the tracking of information needed to produce IRS Forms 6055 and 6056 to comply with the Affordable Care Act. This information will be provided to employers and benefits brokers that participated in the survey or who acquire the results.

To obtain the complete survey results, visit the HRT Survey Page or call 508-520-9800.

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