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The benefits and human resources technology market is competitive. Our complementary online Webinars introduce and demonstrate cutting-edge products, services and tactics that help our customers leverage technology. HRT's expert consultants and partners present knowledgeable viewpoints, rich analysis, and real-life examples to streamline processes and increase ROI.

We invite you to view and register for any Webinar below. If you have questions about any topic or need assistance with registration, please contact us for more information.

Growing Your Benefits Business by Leaps and Bounds

Join Joe Markland, President of HR Technology Advisors, as he presents this webinar.

How does a new broker with little benefits experience grow from 5 employees to 60 employees in their benefits firm in 10 years without an acquisition? How does another go from 5 to 200 in just 8 years? Or another that generated $40 PEPM in addition to commission on a single account?

In this webinar I will get into the details of how some firms are skyrocketing while others struggle. We will show you the details of what these firms did to generate rapid growth and how you can do the same.

This is a no-holds-barred webinar. If you want me to tell you what I think you are already thinking, then this is not for you. I am going to tell it like it is. In this webinar we will discuss the following:

  • What are these brokers doing that is different?

  • How they generate up to $20 PEPM above the regular commission?

  • Why their model sustains any changes in healthcare reform?

  • What is the difference between faking it and making it?

  • The 3-year plan to a better future?

This webinar is a culmination of all others we have done. It puts things in a nice neat package and explains things in a different way. If you want to learn this formula, click below to request a recording of the webinar.

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Generate New Leads in a HCM 3.0 World

We would like to invite you to a webinar that we think benefits producers will find of great value. In this webinar we will be presenting sales and marketing tactics that we think can “move the needle” and generate new business activity at a faster pace. It doesn’t matter if you own your own benefits business or are a producer for a national firm, if you are looking for new business this is for you. One thing we will say is marketing and even telemarketing works as long as you have the right message. 

In our recent webinar titled, “Introducing HR/Benefits Technology 3.0 – A Whole New Technology Engagement Strategy for Benefits Brokers,” we talked about new opportunities in the market and how benefits brokers can differentiate themselves. In this webinar we will provide real examples of applying sales and marketing strategies to meet what we think are greater pain points for employers. 

The agenda for this webinar is as follows: 

  • Review the market opportunities 

  • Hitting the pain points 

  • Sample success stories 

  • The sales and marketing strategy 

  • How to act now (if you want to) 

If you are interested in this webinar, please feel free to click on one of the Register buttons. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 508-520-9800.

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Introducing HR/Benefits Technology 3.0 – A Whole New Technology Engagement Strategy for Benefits Brokers

We would like to invite you to view a webinar that introduces HR Technology 3.0. Just when you think you've figured out the HR/Benefits technology marketplace, the market changes and a whole new HR Ecosystem arrives. What you thought was right just a month ago may no longer be as HR Technology 3.0 is upon us. With $2.1 billion in new investment capital coming into the business, it is going to come in like a storm. It is an opportunity for benefits brokers to approach prospects with a whole new idea that is intriguing, forward thinking, that can deliver outcomes in the HR area that few employers have realized.

In this webinar we introduce HR Technology 3.0 and paint the picture of how brokers can bring this to market. We even role play the sales presentation that we think can create the wedge needed to upend existing relationships. The agenda is as follows:

  • What is HR/Benefits Technology 3.0?

  • How this changes the broker/employer conversation

  • What technology vendors will be the winners and losers?

  • What is the broker's role in this new world?

  • Role play of a prospect presentation.

Even if you have heard our webinars in the past, you have not heard this new message. This webinar lays the foundation for what we think is a new and different future.

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The Coming End of Employer Based Health Insurance – What Benefits Brokers Can Do to Prepare

The number one threat to the future of the benefits brokerage business is looming ahead but few are paying attention. This webinar tells the “other” story going on in the health care industry that aims to eliminate employer based health insurance. And this is not just me speaking. It is Democrats and Republicans. Major insurance companies and hospital systems. It is employers and employees. And it is a whole host of well-funded start-ups that want to change health care in America. The good thing is we believe there is something you can do to prepare for this potential market change, but one must start soon.

The agenda is as follows:

  • The National Death Spiral

  • Other catalysts driving this change

  • Who are the players

  • The Government Agenda

  • When will this happen

  • What you can do to prepare

For some odd reason you don’t read about this in benefits magazines or blogs (Other than our President's Blog - We attend benefits conferences, and nobody is talking about this. Yet for most in the benefits business, health insurance revenue makes up anywhere from 50% to 75% of their revenue. This webinar addresses the potential threat and delivers a potential action plan.

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A Door Opening Strategy to Compete in a New and Dramatically Different Benefits World

The secret of the benefits business is out of the bag, and this secret is impacting the business right now and will change the landscape forever. We would like to invite you to an alarming webinar that provides insight to the rapid changes in the benefits business going on right under the nose of benefits brokers that few in the industry recognize.

But don’t worry, we will give you the partial “Blueprint” solution, too, by introducing our HRmony HCM Program for employers. We believe this Blueprint will “Open Doors” at rates you have never been able to in the past.

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A Demonstration of ADP Workforce Now with the Benefits Marketplace

In this webinar we demonstrate the latest version of the market leading HR/Benefits/Payroll technology solution, ADP Workforce Now 9.0, with an integrated benefits marketplace. This webinar is not as much about the technology as it is around how benefits brokers can leverage their industry expertise to help employers create a better web and mobile experience on the ADP Workforce Now platform.

Demonstration of the ADP Platform from recruiting to termination of an employee and everything in between

  • ADP Mobile

  • Benefits Marketplace demo and review

  • Leveraging ADP for a Private Exchange

  • How a benefits broker can make a difference

  • Introducing the future of benefits on ADP Workforce Now

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A Demo of How ADP Workforce Now and HRT Services Can Support a Private Exchange

We would like to invite you to view a webinar that will demonstrate how benefits brokers can help your clients/prospects leverage ADP Workforce Now® as a platform for a Private Exchange or to run a defined contribution plan when used with certain features offered by HRT. 

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Upping the Benefits Game – Introducing Ideas Most Brokers Aren’t Thinking About

How would brokers react if the entire small group benefits market went fee for service like Aetna is doing? What would the market look like if an individual health insurance plan became tax deductible? HR Technology Advisors would like to invite you to view a webinar that will introduce what we think are strategic business decisions that brokers can make today that will position their firms for a much different benefits world. We can assure you these ideas are things most brokers are not close to thinking about that can give you a competitive advantage today while preparing your business for the future.

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Zenefits Raises $500 Million - What It Means For Benefits Brokers

Do you really want to know how to compete with Zenefits? Many brokers are trying to compete with Zenefits as they are today, but what are they going to look like now that they have raised another $500 million? (See article here) HR Technology Advisors invites you to view a webinar where we will talk about where Zenefits is going and what other brokers need to do today to plan for this future.

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Zenefits – Private Exchanges – ACA – ADP – The Secret to Success

You hear the noise in the blogs and press releases, and get the calls daily from some technology vendor that says they have the best technology in the universe. And it is never ending. We would like to invite you to view a webinar that will quiet the noise and present an easy way for employee benefits brokers to get on offense and deliver a solution that “covers all the bases”. It doesn’t matter if it is Zenefits, Private Exchanges, ACA, or anything else in the technology area that comes along, after this webinar you will see how you can meet any challenge and get the attention of clients and prospects.

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7 Winning Benefits Strategies for 2015

Benefits brokers will be challenged in 2015 as the benefits world changes with the ACA, new competitors, and other threats that few brokers are recognizing. We would like to invite you to a webinar that will present 7 strategies to win benefits business and provide you the road map that we think can lead to a successful 2015 and beyond.

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How a Broker Can Become a Zenefits-Like Broker in 60 Days

We would like to invite you to a webinar that will show you how you can become a Zenefits-like broker in 60 days by expanding services into the HR-Benefits-Payroll technology and services area.

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Private Exchange Solutions Most Brokers Aren’t Thinking About

With Private Exchanges becoming the latest buzz in the market, brokers will need to respond to the demand. We believe the strategies and features that we will discuss and demonstrate in this webinar will be in greater demand by employers than what most brokers are delivering today. This solution can also be delivered at a price point more competitive than the competition.

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The Next Big Change in the Benefits Market That Most Brokers Aren't Prepared For

There are changes going on in the benefits market that may change the entire dynamics of the benefits brokerage business and the majority of brokers don't even see it coming. These changes will be welcomed by employers, employees, providers, some insurers, and even the government. And while most brokers are consumed with Healthcare Reform strategies, what is going on behind the scene may be even more significant and may impact benefits brokers in a much greater way.

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